Set in one of the landmark buildings on McKinney Avenue, Uptown Pub offers more than just your typical pub menu, our menu has something to offer for everyone. When the weather permits, enjoy yourself on the biggest, pet friendly patio in Uptown. Dallas Observer: “Uptown Pub owner, Brian Joiner, has managed to achieve what dozens of others were unable to do for many, many years. What did he do, you ask? He managed to acquire the space that former owner Jenni Messina (Jennivine) had been holding onto throughout the Uptown boom as the land became more and more valuable. The almost 100-year-old space was built as a home and needed to be updated to meet code. A tasteful burgundy awning has been fitted over a large window on the outside and the inside has a mixture of hunter green and brick walls with distressed dark wood throughout. The bar slings a number of unique imports along with a menu that offers much more than just peanuts. Joiner offers an array of burger, nachos, and pulled pork sandwiches. Grab one of the antique booths with some friends and chill with good grub and a beer.” —Jeff Speicher-AOL GuideLive

Uptown Pub is please to announce that Zagat has given us an “outstanding” rating in their 2014 Dallas Nightlife Survey. They found our patio a “perfect” perch for “warm evenings with friends”, “affordable” beer, and “surprisingly good food” pair well with “people watching” on McKinney Ave.